Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc., is a leading fabricator of printed circuit boards requiring advanced technologies. Our specialty is in new technology development. When the big shops do not have the capability or bandwidth to serve your needs please call us. Over the years we have successfully solved many “impossible” challenges. Coast to Coast Circuits uses leading edge technology, state of the art equipment, and industry leading quality systems. But even more, the value is in our experienced and innovative people, dedicated to delivering complex packages on time. 


Some examples of our advanced capabilities include:

  • Copper sealed thru vias since 1998

  • Cavity boards - single and multi-tier

  • Edge plating and castellations

  • Embedded resistive foils - Ohmegaply and Ticer

  • Ormet bond process

  • Up to 5 sequential lamination cycles

  • Multilayer PCB's using LCP materials

  • Deep blind via plating

  • Local scaling technology

  • Front to back registration down to .2 mils - 1 mil standard

  • Deep blind vias - 1:1 standard; up to 2:1

  • Down to 2 mil laser vias (with 5 mil capture pads)

  • Spark gaps

  • Metal Core

Key Equipment:

  • Orbotech Paragon 8000 Laser Direct Imaging System

  • Excellon Concept 129 Vision Drill System

  • Xact PCB closed loop registration software

  • Lauffer Hot oil lamination presses

  • 4 cell plating tanks for thru hole plating

  • McDermid ViaFill chemistry for laser via plating

  • Access to multi-platform laser drilling

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