Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc., is an experienced and highly respected fabricator of Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC). If you are looking for high reliability, quick turn around capability and superior quality and service, Coast to Coast Circuits is the premier supplier. We build single-sided, two layer and multilayer flex circuits for static and dynamic applications as well as rigid flex designs. All FPC are customized solutions to meet specific needs of our customers. And you can be sure that all products built by Coast to Coast are made in the USA. We specialize in prototype and small to medium volume production of Flex and Rigid-Flex products, and support clients of all industries, worldwide.


  • DuPont AP, FR, LF and TK materials

  • 1 mil core up to 6 mil flexible core

  • Deep blind vias - 1:1 standard; up to 2:1

  • Book-bind builds

  • Up to 20 layer Rigid-flex designs

  • Eccobond

  • Controlled impedance

  • Silver shielding

  • Down to 2 mil laser vias (with 6 mil capture pads) (LCP)

  • Down to 2 mil lines and spaces

Key Equipment:

  • Orbotech Paragon 8000 Laser Direct Imaging System

  • Excellon Concept 129 Vision Drill System

  • Xact PCB closed loop registration software

  • Lauffer Hot oil 600 degree lamination presses

  • March Plasma

  • 4 cell plating tanks for thru hole plating

  • McDermid ViaFill chemistry for laser via plating

  • Access to multi-platform laser drilling

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