Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc., is no stranger to High Density Interconnects. Our company builds HDI product on a daily basis, and in fact, was an early pioneer of HDI technology. In the world of PCBs, experience counts. Our innovative and experienced teams at Coast to Coast makes us the premier supplier for any High Density Interconnect printed circuit board needs.

  • Up to 30 layers

  • 1+n+1 build - everyday

  • 2+n+2 build - everyday

  • 3+n+3 build - advanced

  • Stacked vias - copper plated shut

  • Deep blind vias - 1:1 standard; up to 2:1

  • Advanced materials / mixed dielectrics

  • Down to 2 mil laser vias (with 6 mil capture pads)

  • Down to 2 mil lines and spaces

  • Down to 1 mil dielectrics

Key Equipment:

  • Orbotech Paragon 8000 Laser Direct Imaging System

  • Excellon Concept 129 Vision Drill System

  • Xact PCB closed loop registration software

  • Lauffer Hot oil lamination presses

  • 4 cell plating tanks for thru hole plating

  • McDermid ViaFill chemistry for laser via plating

  • Access to multi-platform laser drilling

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