LCP, or liquid crystal polymer, is a relatively new material type emerging in the printed circuit board manufacturing market and is developing a strong presence.  For those of you that are not familiar with this material, we will summarize some of the key characteristics.

LCP is a unique thermoplastic material that can be used to manufacture multilayer printed circuit boards. This material is very thin (1, 2 and 4 mil cores), flexible, lightweight, has very low moisture absorption as well as a high chemical resistance. LCP also possesses excellent electrical properties including low loss and a stable dielectric constant that make it ideal for high-frequency and mm-wave type applications, especially those that can benefit from the thin, light-weight cores.   


Walt Stender, CEO, notes “Coast to Coast is currently in the manufacturing leadership position with LCP having started to work with this material before there was even an official specification sheet.”   Jeff Schmitt, Director of Engineering Services adds, “This journey has been accompanied by numerous challenges. After a thorough assessment of these difficulties, we are pleased that we were able to become involved with this emerging technology because it has allowed us to assist our customers in ways we could not imagine in years prior. Recently, we have had one of our key defense customers utilize this material in a major aerospace project that is now ramping up to production levels. It is gratifying to be able to deliver product to a customer in production quantities with yields and complexities only dreamed of more than 7 years ago when we first engaged with this customer on this unique material platform.” Jeff also noted that “Coast to Coast Circuits has made boards for dozens of applications from aerospace to semiconductor. It takes several man-years of process development in order to manufacture complex multilayer LCP boards with predictable yields.”

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