Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc., is a technology leader in the manufacture of bare PCBs and other interconnects for the markets it serves. Our experience and expertise enables us to meet even the most challenging design scenarios. Over time, our technology leadership position was achieved by partnering with clients whose demanding designs required innovative techniques and process development.

All products are manufactured in the United States.


Our team seeks to meet and exceed your needs by imaginatively 

understanding what you want and need before you do. Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality all work together synergistically in order to ensure your needs are met professionally and efficiently. 


We have invested over 5 million dollars in state-of-the-art equipment. We are about to launch another massive capital infusion to complete this transformation.  We are winning by leveraging advanced technological capabilities in all aspects of PCB manufacturing. This means our Process Engineering Team is surveying equipment manufacturers around the world identifying best-in-class methods to achieve each manufacturing feature with the highest efficiency and process capability possible.


Our highly skilled and experienced front-end engineering team will work with your engineering and technical staff in order to ensure that your design needs are met. State-of-the-art modeling and analytical methodologies are utilized in order to optimize the design prior to manufacturing. Advanced risk mitigation and design review methodolgies are employed in order to minimize launch risk. Design to process capability is also employed to maximize build yields. You can see what Design Specifications we comply with as well as various Material Specification compliances.


Advanced impedance modeling is utilized by our Engineering team in order to achieve this critical attribute consistently and with the ever decreasing necessary tolerance. Any impedance model required can be integrated into your PCB designs.



Comprehensive design rule analysis is performed using state-of-the-art software in order to maximize manufacturability and assure compliance to all required IPC specifications (e.g., 6011,6012,6013, 6016, 6018).


Our research and developmental staff is investigating and working with the most advanced materials available for our industry. We have more than a decade experience with LCP working with Rogers and Panasonic while continuously researching design techniques, methods and manufacturing capabilities. Our technology roadmap has us exploring discontinuous innovations in our field and we will bring those capabilities to your design teams so that you may leverage leading edge capabilities as you seek to keep pace with your customer's ever changing needs.

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